Not That I Can See Anyway

I still stand in the bathroom naked and search myself for potential birthmarks and so far no good. Not one blimish or bump resembles a birthmark. I am actually disappointed about the whole thing! I want one too dammit! My daughter has a strwberry birthmark on her head right in front of her soft spot. It the cutest damn thing! Only if people dont realize what it is they think I'm abusing my child!! Anyway, I read in a Parenting magazine that most babys born with these birthmarks have a parent that has one too. They are also parents that had complications during the pregnancy. Nope not here. I don't have a birthmark and the father doesn't have one like her's. Not to mention I didn't have any problems during my pregnancy. The magazine also said that sometimes the strawberries need to be removed because of the location or increase in size, for they can grow at a rapid pace and reach a very distinct size. So far hers hasn't grown any and I'm hoping she won't have to go through the removal process later in life.

Luci Luci
22-25, F
1 Response Jul 26, 2007

lol. I think I'd much rather lay an egg than give birth!!!