3 Years Now.

I was already riding my bikes a great deal before I retired and almost all the time afterward. I had a truck and a van and didn't need both so I sold the truck. Then I got to thinking that the van was sitting and costing me $200 a month even if I didn't drive it. For $50 a day I could rent a car the few times I needed one. Sometimes that's twice a month and sometimes I can go two or three months without renting one. Even if I average twice a month that's $100 to drive a new car vs. $200 to drive an old clunker. I may not be the sharpest guy in town but I can damn sure do simple arithmetic. I put about 100 miles a week on my bikes and not only am I saving money, I'm getting exercise too. I just have to be very careful of the idiot drivers in San Antonio.
AlbertSAT AlbertSAT
66-70, M
Nov 19, 2011