I Don't Know

I have never felt close to my family. In fact, I am more withdrawn and quiet around them, and I don't tell them anything. They make me uncomfortable.

I don't know how something like this happens. My friends are all close to their family, or at least enjoy their family's company, but not me. When I come home from school, I go straight up to my room and stay there. I don't want to talk to my parents or watch TV with them. I don't know how to describe it.

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2 Responses Feb 14, 2009

I feel the same way. I have never felt comfortable around my own family. I feel more at ease talking to strangers on the bus than I do the family I once lived with. I didn't like to eat with them, or do family activities. Not that my family ever did "family activities." I hate talking to them. I think they are basically stupid. And I feel guilty for it. So I force myself to call, and check in on them. They never did anything to deserve this sort of treatment from me, so I try to hide how I feel towards them. I now live 2,500 miles away. It makes it easier to pretend to like them, and I am now much less stressed, than I ever remember being.

I agree. You will grow out of it. You will feel bad later that you didn't enjoy life more while young. You can learn from your parents. They have funny stories that you could share. There is a lot to learn: Languages, music, dancing, all sorts. You don't have that much time. Young people can die. I had a girlfriend die at 8. Live life to the fullest, always. Learn all you can and be friends with family before they turn on you. That's a rude awakening. Be a well-rounded "square."