What To Do!!!

I have a settled date with a boy I really like this Friday night. I live in an apparment with a sister in the city we both go to univercity. She decided to go to our country home for a weekend so I have a whole flat for myself. So I invited him over.

Now here's the problem.

I just recieved a call from a close friend who's asking if she can come over and stay for a night in Friday. I told her I already have plans and she said she has an exam, which starts at 18:00, but she doesn't know when she will finish. There are a lot of students, professor is a bit crazy and they can finish either at 20:00 or at midnight.

And the last bus she has at 22:30 and after that at 5 o'clock in the morning...and + she has another exam the following morning. She lives in a city 30 kilometers away from this, so I don't know If I could just reject her.

I am really really really into this boy and it took me ages to finally invite him and he said yes! And I can't just cancel the date or postpone it....and also I can't just reject my friend who has a problem with timing of her exam and trasnportation.

Please, someone wise, answer me what sould I do???
MissCurley MissCurley
18-21, F
May 17, 2012