My Dad Ran Away

My dad ran away about 2 years ago becuse he thought he was going to get arested for not paying child support. I thaught he would come back in two years like 4 years ago . i only have a picture of him . im scard he has other kids or forgot about me .i love him .but im mad at him . i hope you know what i meen. i love you daddy.!when is he coming home to me.i have a6 year old brother my dad left him at age 2years .im mad but love him daddy i love you . i make leters to him but dont mail them. you know?

toriab toriab
2 Responses May 28, 2008

I am so sorry 4 friend's father also ran away 5years ago leaving he his bro and mom alone his mom worked very hard she did everything she rented a house she walks to work . She works at the kindergarten beside my school his bro works while studies now his mom's family are helping them out . Because when his mom got married to his father 24 years ago his mom's family didn't agree because he was different race than the mom which is totally unagreeable . So his mom's family didn't talk to them for like 26 years when they found out that she lost everything so they helped now the family's doing very well but his father never came back

i know how you are feeling. my dad left when i was 1 month old and ive been writing him a letter for 4 years now...i just never could get up enough courage to send it..but i did send it finally about 4 months still waiting for a response ......i have to face reality that i might not ever get a letter back....but you know thats ok because at least i sent it at least i a trying you now? If you dont send the letter you will spend the rest of your life wondering and regreting not knowing if he was out there or if he cares....if you send the letter and you dont get a response you are no worse of then you were before and if you do get a response then you are better of then you were before....... either way you arent loosing anything...i think you should send him the letter. it might seem hard now but trust me you will feel 100 times better once you send it!!