Sad But True

I was a single mother of two children until I met an amazing man! Being a fatherless daughter I did the unthinkable I too fell into the statistics and turned to men for attention! Married at 16 had my first daughter at 20 divorced at 21 remarried at 25 had a son at 26 divorced again! Well at 28 I met the man I'm with now still haven't got the courage to marry only with a failed attempt to divorce again! Well at 30 we had a daughter together he is one heck of a dad not only to his daughter we have together but to the other two from previous marriages! My first born daughter is now 13 and wants to develop a relationship with her father as this has been a void in her life for some time now! She cries day in and day out and it really rips my heart out to watch. She has just recently reached out to him and I'm hoping he responds positively but fear the worst! I know she will be crushed if he doesn't want the relationship she longs to have! She said the other day "mom you don't know how it feels to hate him but at the same time love him, he's my daddy." With tears in my eyes I choked out but I do, as this is the exact way I felt about my father at 13. I don't want her to be a statistic I don't want her to turn to men for that feeling of love and acceptance, but at the same time I can't make her father be a daddy! :(
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Jan 12, 2013