Don't Whine.

imbored. You have a dad. He's alive and there. Don't whine. It makes me mad when people with some sort of dad complain about having someone not emotionally there. That's bs. He's alive. He's there. And if you have had any contact, you have a dad.

I never once met my father. I have never gotten anything from him. Nothing. And I'm 32 years old. And don't bother me about this. I tried to find him when I was 16 and found out he died when I was 3 because he had hung himself.
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1 Response Jan 17, 2013

Some people complain about not having a father, some complain about having one. I have an abusive father. I'm the latter. I think you have to realize that people are people. They are not mystical beings. A father is just a person with flaws and all. Some can be good, others can be bad. That's all.