I Hope I Have Wat It Takes

My bestfriend in the entire world has lost her dad not by a car crash not by drugs but by heart...her dad divorced her mom and shes  just died inside for so long, shes trying her best to understaned that it wasnt her fault that they got a divorce shes been to counceling soooo many times and i dont think its helping shes come to me a couple times asking if its her fault that her parents divorced, i tel her that there is no way that it is her fault its nobodys fault its just the things end up sometimes. Her mom is a lesbian and is married to another woman that her daughter hates, my bestfriends dad is married to another woman that thinks that his daughters are tramps cause of the way they dress (which is soo not true).


She just needs alot of support and i hope i can give her what she needs so please just please help me guide her to the right path and help me help her

reese0987 reese0987
18-21, M
1 Response Jun 17, 2007

It sounds like you are trying to be a good friend to her, and thats probably what she needs the most right now.