Me Time

There's nothing like a tub full of bubbly hot water. After work I'll pour a glass of wine, light a few candles and sink into a long hot bath to relax. As the jets vibrate my muscles, I fall into a fantasy of a hot, sexy man joining me.  I reach for my vibrator and lose myself in ecstasy, mmmm.
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8 Responses Sep 7, 2012

pics please

Oooooo Playmate, what a thought. And if I was there, I'd make it a hot champagne bubble bath for you. And maybe afterward a really nice massage, long, slow patient, think PurePerfectPamperingPleasure. Add each other? Love to chat/get acquainted. Thanks.

If you lose yourself?
How is the hot,sexy man supposed to find you?

I would love to wash you honey ! I will bring the wine too !

you got it right..

i would so love to give you a gentle and so very thorough massage and wash every part of the tub...then after your skin is so tingling to carry you into our bed and so make love to you for hours and take us to levels fit for kings and queens... i would want hours together like that...ok?

You need to get a water massage shower head on a hose, those things feel incredible

Sounds fun could I play?

i would love to be in the shower with you. Giving u **** of yr life. Good strap-on ****. would u love it.