Fantasy Date

When you bent over at the waist. your short skirt hiked up. Then you
felt my hands glide around your curvy hips and I pressed my hips
against your firm cheeks. You gasped loudly, but you don't turn
around. It is so arousing, You feel yourself growing wet and notice
that my **** is semi-hard between your spread *** cheeks. You aren't
wearing any underwear that day.

I begin to shift my hips side to side, grinding against your nearly
bare ***. You press back against me and arch your back. You are so wet
now and just want to feel my **** fill that wet shaven *****. You feel
one of my hands as it leaves your hips and you hear me fumbling with
something, and then you hear a familiar unzipping. You bite your lower
lip as you realize that I am pulling out my hard ****. You spread your
legs for me, and that causes your skirt to rise a bit more, revealing
your beautiful *** and *****. I am moaning lightly as I begin to tease
your ***** with the head of my throbbing ****. You push back against
me, aching to feel me inside, you are wanting to be ****** and we only
just met. But, it feels so right!

My **** slips easily into your tight *****, you squeeze around it,
gripping it with your inner walls. I press forward against you and you
moan as you feel me fill you completely. My hands work your *** cheeks
as I work my hips from side to side. Grabbing your hips firmly I begin
to pump against your *** cheeks, slow steady pumps, letting my ****
slip almost completely out, then slide all the way back in. Your ****
is so swollen that every time I slide my **** in; it is rubbing your
****, sending waves of pleasure down your spine. We both became lost
in the experience.

Our moans became louder and louder with each thrust. I feel your
climax as it is about to peak and you push hard against my **** and
squeeze tightly around my shaft. As you arch your back and toss your
hair back I can feel your knees go weak. My **** is pulsating deep
within your warm canal, then with a loud moan I let loose my ***. You
fell me shoot my hot load of thick ***, coating your ***** walls, my
hips pushing firmly against your ***. I gently massage your back as we
collapse onto the bed....Let's get undressed and go for round two!!
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Dec 4, 2012