I met her at the end of July after having had a real hard party night and too many drinks. Around lunch time I decided just to meet her have a beer. Since I was getting somehow horny I decided to give her a call and ask whether she was free. And - lucky me - she was. She told me to meet her in a small hotel 30 minutes later I met her for the first time. She was looking real hot, wearing a super sexy blue skirt. In the room I took a shower and when I was done she was already naked. And yes she really has a big surprise! We didnt waste much time and it took less than a few seconds before she started sucking my ****. Right after that it took a few seconds more before I started licking her *****. Well, she was somehow in a dominant postion, I guess. But that was alright since I was still drunk from the night before.

After maybe some more minutes she was screaming that she wanted to *** - she did. So at that point I was wondering how long it might take her to continue the game. And what can I say - less than a minute. We had a little discussion about using a condom when she suddenly was behind me licking my *** and twisting my nipples at the same time. Then she wanted me to **** her and I couldnĀ“t hold it very long. She turned around and wanted me to *** in her mouth what I gladly did. Right after that she just looked me in the eyes and swallowed it. Then we jumped on to the edge of the bed and i started ******* her hard and half her body was in the air and she had wrapped her legs around me and she was jumping on me till we both exploded together.
maharajaram maharajaram
31-35, M
Jan 8, 2013