Morning Glory

Bright and early in the morning, so early the sun is not up yet. He is rock hard and needing to be touched. His co(k is throbbing just thinking about her wet hot morning glory. You know that secret place that only a woman has when it's been heating up all night in her sleep, marinating her pu$sy juices together. The thought could make him *** just thinking about it. He quietly walks into her bedroom, sees her sleepy form wrapped up in her soft sheets. She is so beautiful. In her sleep, she looks so sweet, and soft, angelic like. There is an innocence about her, but he knows underneath that sweetness and innocence there lies a sexy vixon. A vixon that loves to come out and play. He slowly eases himself on the bed behind her, already smelling her sweet scent. MMMMM, intoxicating. Makes his blood boil. Trying to control himself, so he can slowly awake her and bring her to a complete ecstasy. His hands start at her ankles, slowly driving upward, adding just enough pressure to know it's him. She smiles that amazing smile that lights up her face, showing those cute dimples in her cheeks. Stretching up against him and pushes her as$ right into his co(k. Oh he knows this is going to be amazing, this morning glory that he loves to steal every so often. Moaning at his hand slowly caressing her, moving up her thigh and between her legs, just grazing her soft shaved pus$sy. He can feel the heat radiating from it. She opens her eyes to find him, but it's still dark and with his dark skin, she can't see him, but only feel him. That intensifies the feeling of his touch. His hands are hot against her skin, making an electrical current flow through her veins every where is hands and fingers trace and play on her sexy body. His hands find her breasts, so full and soft. He could get lost in those for days. As he grabs her breasts from behind her, she arches her back at his squeezing and flicking of her nipples. His lips fall to her neck, sending chills down her body. He feels her nipples instantly harden in his fingers. Again, her as$ pushes against his raging hard co(k. Oh yes she wants this, her body is in instant communication with his. He presses his co(k in between her a$s cheeks, leaking his pre-*** and sliding his co(k there to tease her. Moaning escapes her soft beautiful lips. He is kissing on her ears, jaw, and collar bone. She can't stand it anymore and turns her head to find his lips. Amazing kisses she bestows on him. Sexy, hot, and passionate kisses. She can make a man weak just by her kisses. She loves to playfully tug his lower lip. Her kisses are so intense, full of emotion and dripping with sexiness. As she turns toward him to kiss him better, pulling his head closer to hers and running her fingers through his hair. Tugging and massaging his head while her lips tease and dance with his. Their tongues tasting and playing with each other. His hand runs down her side, and then back towards her a$s. Grabs her as$ and pulls her into him hard. Making his meaning known to her, that he needs her now! Moaning in his mouth at the desire running through her, she moves her leg up and over his spreading her pus$y lips as she does so. His hand finds her pu$sy dripping with her juices, even her thighs are wet. His fingers easily slide into her hot demanding pus$y. Her hips instantly move against his hand. Fu(k she is so ready for his co(k. He finds her gspot, and plays with that, making her almost shudder. He slides his fingers up to her ****, already hard. Her pus$sy fully wet, he slides his co(k into her. Grabbing her as$ and driving into her hard and fast, causing her head to fall back and her to yell out, as he instantly stretches her pus$y to fit his co(k. Fu(k that first feeling of her hot wet pus$y! There is nothing in this world like pu$sy first thing in the morning. Her arms are around his hips and they have a hold of each other as they both grab each other as he thrusts in and out of her. They are both panting and breathing heavily already. Her pus$y is grabbing at his co(k with each thrust. Oh they pick up their fu(king faster and faster, feeling the tension building. Wanting to feel deep inside her, he pauses for a moment and they roll over so she is on her back. Her legs spread wide, her pus$y open and inviting him to thrust inside of her. Yes, he goes deeper and deeper with each thrust. His balls slapping up against her a$s, teasing her. She is grabbing at his nips tugging and leaning up to suck on them. Moaning, oh fu(k baby! Her hips matching his thrusts, in and out, in and out. She starts tensing her body and telling him that she's going to ***. Baby, I'm *******, oh fu(k! **** baby please, I'm *******! All screaming from her mouth as her body tightens around him. Her pu$sy clamping around his co(k. And as he feels her hot *** gush over his co(k, he releases his seed into her. Pushing hard and deep inside of her. Her pus$y pulling at him and taking every last drop from him. Yes she loves his taste and quickly moves to taste him. Feeling her mouth over his co(k, and licking up her *** and his to make the perfect cocktail. She is so careful to how sensitive his co(k is as she tastes her drink. He loves to feel her mouth over him. MMMM So good! She moves up his body, her tongue tracing it's way up. Around his nipples, up his neck and then finally the last sweet kiss. Her lips are intoxicating.
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I once wrote a detailed story of one of my dreams about a female, and our first day (in the story) started similar to this. Beautifully written, and every man's fantasy, even mine. :)

OMG OMG OMG excuse me something's come up here

OH you so make me laugh....:) Glad you liked it dear.

I thank you...and, I may read it again..maybe enough time has passed

that was some truly sexually enticing story....;) loved it....


Thank you so much! :)