A Fantasy

I am lying face down, legs open wide and arms spread out, bound and tied to the bed by my ankles and wrists. His hot breath on my neck. He sweeps my hair to the side and kisses my neck. Slow, moist kisses. Down the back of my neck, down my back. His fingertips grazing my skin, it's like being brushed with pulses of electricity. Every nerve in my body is on fire.

He takes my biggest ***** in his hand and moves onto the bed between my legs. He runs his fingers over my wanting ***** and caresses my round ***. I involuntarily buck slightly up towards his hand and he swiftly smacks me. Running his fingers back down to my slit, I let out a moan. He begins to thrust the ***** into my *****, deeper and more forceful each time until it's deep inside me, making me hold it tight inside. He then leans down and for a brief second I feel his hot breath on my backside before his hands spread my cheeks and his tongue is assaulting my most sensitive area, I cry out. He licks me for a moment, I am ready.

I feel the head of his **** pressing on my hole, I lean into him slightly, wanting him, needing him in me. He enters my ***, slowly driving deeper. I am in ecstasy as he takes my *** as hard as he can, ******* me, owning me. My ***** is dripping as I feel the release of my first ******, my body tenses then relaxes. He stills, cuming deep in my ***, filling me up with him. He lays on top of me for a moment, two sweaty bodies, heaving breaths, we are one.

He leaves me to go clean himself off. I count the seconds until he returns, wondering what is in store for me next. He is back, at my feet, kissing, licking, sucking, working his way up my shapely legs. Covering me with kisses and nibbles he finally meets me face to face. Our tongues wrestle in a passionate kiss. Lips pressed hard together, it takes my breath away.

Then he makes me suck him hard again, ******* my throat, my juices flowing down my leg I want him so badly. He takes my ***** out of my ***** and slides it into my ***. It goes in with ease, well lubed with his ***. As I adjust to my *** being filled with the ***** he is inside me, taking me again....hard as he can....slow, hard and deep....just trying to get completely inside me. The feeling is exquisite. It's as if our bodies are made for each other. His **** slams into my g spot over and over and I can't help but to let go and *** all over his ****. He ***** me into oblivion and I am bound and tied and can't do a thing about it...
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3 Responses Jan 12, 2013

Such a shame he doesn't desire the same as you - that is an awesome fantasy and one I hope gets fulfilled one day.

Oh it will!

I think you have a sexy imagination AND a dirty mind lol.
Really hot fantasy, the question is, would you like it to come true or you'd rather it remain just a fantasy?

I'd love for it to come true!

Fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing