The moans & the screams, the heavy breathing & incredulous gasps for air, "harder, deeper, right there, just like that mmmm don't you stop till....... The yearning of close skin & fueled fire to the darkness or when the sun creeps in through the curtains. When we're in private behind closed doors no one know's. The red hot kisses, your lips tasting mine it's overwhelming let alone in foreplay, the toes curling, stomach flexing from the increasing stimulation....to ravish I go crazy when you reach that weak spot of mine. Frantically grasping onto anything in sight for support, our eyes lock as if the world's stop completely smitten & mesmerized. Body temperature running higher with my kaleidoscope of emotions, heart's racing & the smell of cologne in the air. Your eyes rolling back, groaning louder as your hips raise higher, my thighs trembling when you go down below. My whole body combusts enjoying the pleasurable sensation; aggressively hardcore or sensually soft core, the passion lingers endlessly like a drug seeping through my veins you're an addiction & I can't stop nor want to fight the urge. Our sex appeal stamina & undeniable chemistry; pounding, thrusting & bouncing on you to even just grind nails sink into your spine pulling closer. Your wish is my command I only wish to lay you down blissfully reassuring when you wink & smirk. These eyes tease while your smile flirts wild, explosive fireworks as I arch my back, pure ecstasy as I run my fingers through my hair, hands grip your shoulders as I wrap my legs around your waist. Our intimate parts clench & throb, so hot, pull & slap playfully, latch onto every inch of one another's naked frame. Shall there be a fantasy you have in mind, or role play dare me i'm excited some lace & leather perhaps?.The only question lingers....exploring positions tell me are there boundaries between us?.Come to me ready to let out your frustrations sometimes with a little alcohol in your system, either way when i'm with you it's a trip to paradise. Early morning quickies staying the night always lingering with possibility. Whisper your favorite place is inside me just that bit of honesty is all I need because this as real as it will ever get when its you & me.
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Well done. You capture it. So few do

Means alot,
valuable feedback thx

Yes, I agree with so many :-)

That's beautifully written.

Thank you.
Peter xx

hot! x