The Touch

I see you often at the beach at sunset,
Our eyes meet, you are younger,
Maybe 28 or 29,
I desire you, and your eyes are feeled with longing for touch

I move close,
Gently touching your arm,
The sunset and the gentle breeze warm on your tan skin
I see the hair on you arm rise,
As you close your eyes,

Finally, I gently move behind you,
I trace your arms with my fingers,
Moving your long hair exposing your long neck,
I gently kissing your neck,
As you gently moan

I gently move my hands under you shirt,
Gently touching you,
I am erect and press against you,
Wanting you, wanting to give you all of me,

You turn toward me,
We kiss, gently sucking your bottom lip,
Gently tongues touching

You reach down and unbuckle my pants,
You move down on your knees
Taking me, all of me, again and again

We are now, together, laying under a night sky,
You are on top, moving in motion,
Iam deep inside, you are moaning with pleasure,
We are close,

I give you all of me, and you me,
And then,

I open my eyes,and see you, like me watching the sunset,

It was my dream. As you give me a smile and walk away.
Olderguy0924 Olderguy0924
56-60, M
1 Response Jan 22, 2013

nice dream