The two met online through social media. Both were married, but yet they wanted to do cyber sex. Slowly, they wanted to get physical, so they planned a secret meetings. Sandra wore her green dress soft and showing her boobs and walked towards the airport. She flew and landed at Athens, where Desipris was waiting ..he had arranged a trip to the Aegean Sea. First time they were meeting, as Sandra came out , she knew him and started to walk towards him. They hugged and he took her in his car towards the sea.
Both couldn't believe but they were actually looking at each other and were excited to touch. The yatch they hired, was turned on auto and they sat next to each other and if old friends were meeting.
Demitris, then showed her his family picture and she also showed him her husband's photograph.They contemplated, if it was okay to have sex.. or not..but then talking about sex made him hard and her wet. Both turned naked and kissed, caressed and made love for few hours.
Demitris, " I love you"
Sandra" me too "
They didn't feel it awkward to make love under the open sky and over the waves. it was a planned. Naked, Demitris took a binocular to watch the waves, he saw another was his wife with Sandra's husband..
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Now, THAT turnabout is fair play! ;-)

twist eh :)

Yeahhhh! Nice one at that.... ;-)