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Dirty Or Sexy?

What one person may think is dirty, another may think is sexy. Inhibitions limit so many people. They place barricades on what pleasure they may experience. I believe that what ever a man & a woman do behind closed doors is their business. Who is to say that what they do is wrong or "dirty"?

For me, the dirtier the better. There is no place on a woman's body that I will not place my lips or lick. I always shake my head when I hear another man say " oh no, I won't do that!".... Yeah? Well, dont be surprised when your woman ends up with someone else. Someone who treats her like the delicious princess she is.

As John Mayer said: your body is a wonderland.
Oldfool81 Oldfool81 36-40, M 2 Responses Feb 18, 2013

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I wish more men felt and acted as you do ! The world would be a much happier place indeed ! =)
P.S. That's one of my favorite songs !

There is nothing better than being so comfortable with yourself and your partner that there are no inhibitions. I have been married for 30 years. The sex became infrequent and in time, our marriage became sexless. I took a lover almost 4 years ago. He enlightened me to the fact that I could enjoy sex and that it was ok for me to enjoy sex. The things I thought that were wrong and dirty, are not that at all. It is amazing. It is sexy. It is dirty. I wouldn't have it any other way. In total agreement...our bodies are a wonderland.