I Am 32 Years Old And Have Never Had A License

I am 32 years old and have never had a driver's license which really was not an issue when I lived in the city now I live in a small redneck town and everyone drives and I have to walk like two miles just to catch the bus and on days I have to take a cab and have my child with me I have to carry his carseat in stores or have it checked at the counter they look at me like I am nuts or If I am walking from one store to the other I have to check any bags I may have from another store at the counter and the sales clerk think you are nuts and usually have an attitude about it .I feel like such a loser .
I have several reasons for not having a license for one I have no one to teach me and am too broke for lessons ,I have only needed it because I had to move to this redneck town and I live far from town so I have a long walk just to catch the bus .
I do not have some legit excuse like some traumatic car crash etc .,I do have severe ADD and have yet to find any medication that helps .
I have taken the test but that was back as a teen and I failed and never went back .So at this point I am not working towards it which I should be and no one ever forgets to remind me of that and my own mother makes fun of me .
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Hi I am in the same boat as you 32 years old 2 kids. Luckily I have my husband to take us everywhere. Did you get your license?

im 35 years old....mom of 3 and no DL... .i had a driver's permit...expired when I turned 35 :( so, here Iam, trying to convence myself that i can do it. Some friends had told me.. "I'll teach u" but they really busy to take the time... and if I want to do it, have to take the 3 kids with me!...

You may want to see if you can save up some money or see if your mother can help. If your getting assistance maybe state aid could help fund you the money so that you'll be able to take the course. Womens help centers or try and become friends with someone who has a car. Or beg to practice with your mothers car. My mother taught me. I think it really unfair that a mother would make fun of her child in stead of helping. I would have never left the city if you couldn't get around. That doesn't help you or your child.

Hi there Night,<br />
So what if you can't drive! There may come a time when you suddenly think, 'hey I wanna learn to drive...'. Until then - don't let anyone coerce you into doing something you're not ready for. You'll know it when the time comes....<br />