A Right Or Privallage

U turn 16 and think freedom, my car
with a mix cd in!
Why do most teens think it is a right?
i do not drive
I may never drive
i like to have time in the car with families & friends.
I donot believe most teen are mentally mature enough to drive
Or able to respect rules
this is not everyone but u know u have a bad driver pop in your mind
What do u think?
annie2011 annie2011
18-21, F
4 Responses Feb 7, 2011

When I was 19, I was forced by my dad to get a driver's license. Only to be told that it was my license. Well, then I should get it when I'm ready. Like at the age of 39. So, I was angry for 10 years. You should see the surprise when i tried to cancel it. I hate cars, I hate the gouging insurance (it always goes up). I hate driving. Period. Strange, I turn out to be a better driver than most people because I drive slow. Someday, my wish is that I could travel to nearby cities by bus or train and I would do this without a driver's license.

When I was sixteen, I was mad at my parents for not letting me get my permit. Now, at 22 I am glad they made me wait. I having been "driving" since I was 19, but am just now beginning to feel more confident behind the wheel. I really don't think that 95% of sixteen year olds have the maturity to drive. I think this country needs to improve its public transit system and up the age for getting a license to at least 18.

I feel like a lot of people abuse the privilege for sure. I even have one friend who has gotten her license suspended several times over not paying her tickets. Its ridiculous. I can't drive now because I was too scared to try at 16 but now at almost 22 I think I am starting to feel more ready to practice.<br />
It also makes me so mad when people continue to get DUIs over and over. I think one DUI you should be have your licensed suspended for a few years and after that if you don't learn your lesson it should just be pulled forever. I know that sounds harsh but when you are talking about hundreds of peoples' lives at stake here its not that harsh.

I think the same Annie