22 and No License

i dont have mine but i am looking forward to learning to drive this year.
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22-25, F
5 Responses Jan 30, 2008

did u get your license yet? Im 25 and still dont have mine.

nope i still don't have it. sigh.

driving is quite easy. i taught myself. i just got in my car and went. at first i drove best when i was alone or with only my kids (they're too young to be critical). but now i'm carefree with anyone in my car. i'm 25 and still dont have my license. i kind of dont want one......i like to speed, so i pay better attention to cops since i'm an illegal driver. i may not be so cautious once i have license in my hand. good luck to you...its been a while since you wrote this story, do you have your license yet??

yeah thats what im getting tired of, waiting for people to take me places. my dad is saying that if he gets his money soon he will get me a car (ill believe it when i see it LOL) i had my permit before so i have passed the written test, now i just need to learn to drive.

Don't let it worry you. I didn't get mine till I was about 25. I just couldn't handle relying on other people to drive me around. That and the lack of money to buy a car kept me from making the steps. But i did learn, You can't wait for one step. If you have other steps in the total progression, You need to move forward. get the license and the money for the car will come. Good luck and read the book many times. I passed both parts of my test the first try. 100% and 98%. My hot instructor only took points off the driving part because I turned my head back to face forward before the car came to a complete stop while in reverse. Couldn't help it though, I had to look at her again. LoL It was worth the 2 points. :-)