Flawless Victory!!!!

Ok, recently wrote a story on how I was 20 with no license. Well scratch that out! Hahahaha!    Sorry, I am just really excited! I finally got my license on Nov. 10th. Took it early in the morning, it was so easy. And I was so nervous that I was gonna **** it up. I promiced myself that I would get my license before I turned 21 and I will turn 21 on the 27th of next month. Yay!  If it weren't for my mom helping me practice for 6 months I would still be depending on her for transportation. But don't forget what I said before, I used to be deathly afraid of driving. Embarrassed of it actually. But now I'm comfortable enough to even be impatient when traffic is taking too long. Sure, I am still a nervous driver, I think it will be like that for a while. But now I know if I need to, I can drive to a friends house, take mom to the hospital, go to the store and visit the library. The only thing that is missing is my car. I just have to get it fixed and HELLO FREEDOM

LoL But don't worry I won't let it go to my head. I am a very cautious driver, maybe too cautious. So yeah, maybe I should tell you how the test went? I think its the same in America everywhere but certain examiners can be pickier than others. Mine was really calm and collected. Older man and was nice. We in fact just drove in the neighborhood. He made me take a bunch of rights and lefts. Stop at stop signs and parallel park. In fact he didn't even make me do a real parallel park. He made me back up behind a car as if it had a nother car close behind it.  I thought I'd screw that up for sure, but no...made it. 

Anyways, mom really helped me get over my fear. She taught me more then my driving class did while I was still in high school. She just simplified things. Made me comfortable and had faith in me. Which is what I was lacking all along. Mom is great. THANKS MOM!!!    Anyways I just wanted to share my excitement and to let you all know that you can do anything you put your mind too. I know that sounds cheesy but its true!. Your mind is a powerful thing. Driving is a nessesity and we all need to know how to do it and what to do with it. Don't let a little fear keep you from living your life. 

If your like me, it will take time, and patience and someone you trust to help you along the way. I am still nervous at times but its getting better. Soon I will be ready to drive by myself, then go visit friends. It will be great! 
Evlana Evlana
22-25, F
Nov 14, 2011