I Want To Learn But I Need Help!

I’m 22 and still have never gotten my driver’s license. As a teenager my parents never cared if I learned how to drive, never taught me, and refused to let me practice with their cars. At 18 my grandfather paid for a driver’s Ed course for me. I took the written part and the class, passed that, and the required DWI test. The first time I got to drive in that class was in a big group with a bunch of other teenagers. We had to drive in circles and practice parking. Me being socially awkward and have no previous driving experience was humiliated when I was the worst driver in the class. I remember holding up the line when I couldn’t park correctly… After that I never went back. Something I deeply regret now because I know I shouldn’t have let my anxiety and embarrassment get in the way.
I have taken the written test a few times and have gotten a few driving permits but have no one to teach me, so the permits end up expiring and I keep putting it off more and more. I have had people even “friends” make fun of me for not having a license, and even my boyfriend makes it sound like I’m a loser for it. Some days I feel like the biggest loser in the world. :(
I have recently come across a great opportunity. My grandmother got a new car and is giving me her old one, so I can finally have a car to practice with. BUT to change the title to my name I need insurance, and to get insurance I need a license. So I can’t figure out what to do about that either. Public transportation in my city is horrible and today after I froze out in the snow for over an hour I knew something had to be done. I just don’t know what…
Also I’m glad to come across this group. :]
Lukka Lukka
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I recommend doing what I'm doing. I study the rules of the road on my own. I am paying for driving lessons they are $50 an hr not cheap but I didn't have any other way my mom never learned how to drive so she couldn't teach me and none of my family would teach me because they didn't want me ruining their cars so I had to take control in my own hands. I budgeted for 30 hours of drive time about $1,000 to learn. That has worked out pretty well in terms of learning. I also read the drivers book a couple times. I have about 2 more weeks of lessons before I go test for my license and actually I might be testing with just 20 hours instead of 30 because I'm not that bad. And I will continue to practice when I buy my own car. But fyi, you can get auto insurance with just a permit Progressive offers it. Also, you can purchase a car with just a permit.

I am almost 30 and don't have one for many of the same reasons. I am sorry your parents don't understand, just like mine don't.

He has said he would but then he ends up never having time. :/

Well it sounds like your boyfriend is a licensed driver so maybe he could teach you to drive if you get your permit again?