After reading all the posts I was extremely relieved that I wasn't alone. It did however make me face the mirror of fear staring back at me to motivate me to stay on this path even if I have been facing a lot of discouragement from trusted friends and family that one day say they would help me learn to drive and then the next day act as if you never even asked them. UGGGH so frustrating!! I can say that I am
making strides to get my license. At 40 yrs. old I too was ashamed to say I didn't have my license. My tale of not achieving this milestone was due to pure and simple Fear and No Confidence in myself and being too Passive Aggressive to ask for what I wanted. I would pay so much money to co worker, family and friends for gas it was crazy!! I even rescheduled my road test three times! I am slated to take my road test Sept 9th. I have some road time
experience so.. With that in mind I got to Just Do it!!!
I would just like to encourage all the non dl drivers its never to late. Because when I was taking my permit test there was a lady in her sixties right beside me trying to get her license too!! Be encouraged people we can do it!!!:)
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I am now 45 years old and i too don't have my driver's license everyday my co-workers would mock me and say hurtful words like i am worthless by not having my license but i know for sure i am going to make them eat those words....i am now working towards getting my license...its not rocket driving!

Good for you! I wrote one of those stories - about my grandfather that let his license expire and just never bothered to renew it. I am working to overcome my fear of driving. I got my license, when I was 16, but I avoided driving. I am a timid driver. I've met a lot of middle fingers and people who like to show off their horns for me. I got a ticket once, not for speeding, but for blocking traffic. But, I must press on. So, I am trying to drive more as I think that will improve my confidence, and I do think I am a better driver. Maybe someday I'll take a driving trip on the interstate. Good luck to you, I hope you pass your road test. (I passed on the second try, which means the test wasn't very hard.)