Driven to Distraction

Pretty much, I am considered impractical, inexperienced and "strange" because I don't have a driver's licence and am a 34 yeaer old male.  I get plenty of raised eyebrows, especially from potential dates I can understand why; most, if not all, women prefer that their partners at least have this kind of experience. It is considered a necessity in many urban places.

The first two or three times I tried to get my licence was 10 years ago, and I was nervous as hell. I panicked alot, because driving is a skill that requires so much attention and responsivity to the environment. I failed miserably both times. At the time. I simply did not have the time or resources to continue to practice with someone , until driving could become second nature. As a result, things kind of slipped through the cracks and I ended up not going back to it.

Now, I feel more pressure to get my licence, lest I be a social pariah :). But things always depend on motivation and the right causes and conditions.  Driving a car is only one part of life, it's not the whole kit and kaboodle. In spite of it all, I got through 34 years without having to drive my own vehicle or accidentally hurt/maim some sentient life form in the process. I only hope that if anyone tries to get their licence that they find the right social support and a caring, understanding trainer who will help them overcome any discouragement and fears. I hope that if you read this entry, you will feel supported in whatever decision you make about whether to drive your own vehicle or just take the bus, like me.: )




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1 Response Jun 18, 2009

I am 32 and haven't ever had my driver's you feel a little better now hun?..thought you ex helped make the situation of learning how to drive so much better by hollering and screaming in my face(sarcasm, of course) when ever I think about getting behind the wheel of a car my confidence is blown to smithereens!!..Don't feel lost!