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I've had my learner's license 3 times now, the first when I was 16.  I currently have a valid one, but not in the province I live in.  I got this one at the behest of my (now ex) boyfriend, because he wanted me to be able to drive equally on road trips while he slept.  We split up 5 months before I was eligible to take my road test (yeah, you have to wait a year), and I moved away and back to my hometown.

NO ONE except my family here knows I don't have it.  I just make excuses that I don't like driving (which is true) and that travel is more important than having a set of wheels, but I don't even know how long that will hold up.  I find myself extremely distant from everyone when the subject of driving comes up, just hoping no one will pry too much.  I think some people suspect it, but no one has really said anything.  My best friend back in the city knows I don't, but I don't think very many other people do, if anyone.  I keep my secret pretty closely guarded.

I tried taking my road test when I was 17, but I was wearing a neck brace due to a pretty nasty tumble down a set of stairs, and I took it off thinking the driving instructor wouldn't allow me to take the test with it on.  I failed solely because I didn't check once over my shoulder.  When I explained the circumstances to the instructor, she understood, but couldn't change the mark on the form due to policy.  The next time I went, my mom's emergency brake wouldn't engage, and she couldn't afford to fix it right away, so I just sort of lost interest.

I drive when I have to.  When I was working for my mom last year, I drove the work truck to and from the job side alone every night, and am a fairly competent driver, but I don't enjoy it. 

I often think I should just bite the bullet and go get it, but the policies here between provinces are ridiculous.  I have to start right from scratch all over again to get my learner's here, and then wait another year, and then I can take my novice road test.  Since I'm already planning to move back to the province I already have my learner's in, I'll just have to admit to someone with a car that I don't have it yet, and take it and hope that I'm finally in possession of one. 

I'm so happy to know there are other people out there in the same boat as me.  I always feel like such an outcast when everyone else my age seems to have a car, and I'm contentedly walking from point A to point B.

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I just failed my drivers test and it's just horrible how that makes you feel...