I Wanted To Get One But My Mom Was Against It

When I was 15 I begged my parents to let me get a license but my mom was against it; she pointed out that there was a lot more hassle to go through getting your license before 18 and said I should just wait until I was 18 to get it. So that was my plan. Yeah, I'd lose a few years of my life but hey, I also wouldn't have to go through all that trouble. Well, then, when I'm 17, suddenly my mom does want me to get a license! Wonderful! Only problem is it takes a good 8-9 months of hassle to get that license if you're not 18 yet. So I ended up going through all of the trouble anyway for less result and didn't gain anything. It's really depressing and the most frustrating thing is that my mom says I was the one who didn't want a license, which is, of course, ridiculous (what 15 year old doesn't want a license!? I even asked if I might get a car for my 16th birthday). I think what switched is her friends (who also have kids the same age) were all talking about how nice it was having their teens driving. I kind of wish she'd had the same view back when I was 15. It would be easier if my parents could drive me places but they're usually busy and have a tendency to say they'll drive me somewhere then not be available after I've comitted. Plus I don't really get along with either of them so even 10 minutes in a car with one of them can be hell for me. This has pretty much prevented me from having a life for the past 2 years and I've always felt embarrassed about not having my license and being seen having my parents drive me places. I feel so isolated and controlled.

I know a lot of people on here are much older and don't have a license, so I'm not saying that my situation is the worst by any means; it's just frustrating that I had to jump through all of the hoops anyway for less result.

intothemist intothemist
Feb 18, 2010