Jesse White

 I have 2 duis.  I have what I thought to be decent driving record to actually be a lousy driving record.  Well, Feb. 30th I go see the secretay of State, Jesse White, at like 1 pm.  That will be in two weeks.  I will go and stand trail in front of like twelve people while my lawyer asks me questions about my stability for a license.  Someone will be recording my interview with my lawyer and someone, I guess Jesse While, cross examines me.  I have to answer everything just right.  I doesn't seem to think this was a problem til I talked to my lawyer and she said they're will be a whole lot of questions I have to memerize just right.  If I slip up on certian questions for sure they will kick me out.  I am pretty nervous about the whole thing.  My lawyer seems to focus on a job rather than education meaning she wants me to get a worker's permit.  I have sole custody of my  daughter.  I cannot get busted driving illegally while she is in my ride.  I need a permit to go to school and to take her to a day care more than I need a driving permit for a job.

I have sole custody of my daughter.  My parents convinced me to move back in with them while I was going through the divorce.  Now that I have no license or job it seems rather convienant to move with them down to Shawnee Hills.  Right now my mother drives my duaghter or me everywhere.  It's pathetic but when you live with somebody that insist you don't drive what do youy do?  My parents are lawful citzens and have no idea what I am going through.  I am just being patient and letting the legal stuff work.  Driving is a priviledge but when you can do it anyway why repress yourself.  **** your parents and Jessie white.  Move out and get a job run your own damn life.  You only live once.

If I don't get my license for some reason I will have to face the facts.  My life must go on.  I'll just have to get a job.  Obvously If i move down to a rural area it is going to be very expensive for someone to be carting me around.  I am just going to have to strike out on my own when I need to go to work everyday or night.  I will surely never let my duaghter ride in my vechile while driving til i get my license.  I promise myself that.

ShawneeHillsNinja ShawneeHillsNinja
Mar 16, 2010