I Don't Like Facebook

I have had 2 experiences with facebook that shows just how dangerous it can be for kids. The first involves my then 6yr old, I was told by a couple of friends that they had seen my daughters picture on facebook both said it was a beautiful picture but wondered if it was suitable for facebook. That was news to me as we don't have a facebook account and I don't allow photos of my kids on the computer.

My friend and I then checked out this photo after requesting to become friends with the person who had posted the photo, it turned out I knew who the woman was only because she was the girlfriend of my babysitters father. She accepted the request without asking my friend any questions about herself Shelly (my friend) could have been anyone but she was not checked out at all.

We went into this womans photos and there is was a picture of my little girl lying on the grass as a summer concert hands behind her head looking back at the camera (looks like her name was called and she just looked up then snapped)As I said a beautiful picture BUT only for my wall not facebook to the wrong type of person it could have been seen as provoctive. So whats the problem right!! well this woman had over 1500 friends listed and anyone of them could do as we did and just went in and downloaded the photo. So you ask well she also had my daughter TAGGED with her full name (surname included) her age 6 and the town, date and place that the photo was taken. the only yhing missing was an arrow saying here she is come and get her. I live in a small town with only 3 primary schools to any sick freak out there she would not be hard to find.

I was so bloody angry I found this woman told her to take it down (it was there for a month before I found out) she said whats the big deal, well the deal is she is MY daughter and I don't want her on facebook and that is my choice. I had to threaten to go to the police before she aggreed to remove it. NO children should be allowed on facebook esspecially photos.

The second episode involed my 9yr old my babysitter (16 and no longer my babysitter) signed Em up but signed her in as a 13yr old I have family members on facebook who said they would keep an eye on Em and I only allow her to use it on my mobile phone but I didnot know that there was an age limit of 13.

A 43yr old male tried to make friends with her!!!!! Now what the hell does a 43yr old want to be friends with a 13yr old (so he thought)
does that scare anyone else cause it sure scared me. He tried to make an arrangment to meet her and take her to a movie. That one I handed over to the police and shut down her facebook account, Facebook is banned from this house in all forms and will be for the forseable future.

A dangerous place for children so parents beware and watch what your kids are up too closely.
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I hate that to whenever people post up photos of your kid without your permission,I have told my sisters please don't post pics of my child unless I am there when the pic is taken or else tag me in the photo,I had a playgroup leader take a photo of my child and post it to her facebook so I just liked it and tagged my name in it and told her please not to upload pics of my child to her facebook again,It is rude and kind of comes across as wrong to post up a pic of a child that is not yours to your facebook

If I ever have kids, I'm not letting them go on Facebook until they are 21!

<p>I agree with you. You were quite right to demand that the scrag remove the unauthorised photo of your young daughter. This example shows how even peodophiles and other creeps use social media like facebook to get at kids. I would question greatly the morals of that woman and have nothing to do with her! All the best.</p>

I don't think the photo thing was a big deal but I agree, Facebook is just a diary for narcissists and a playground for creeps.

Thats my point there are to many freaks and to many whys they can invade your home and your childrens lives, I don't want their photos on any site period (including this one) I have sent them via e-mail to relatives a couple of times but that is a direct address to family. I really don't understand why some people live their whole lives through photos on facebook. But it is not for us and that as a mother and protector of my children is my choice. I am so sorry you had that happen to you and as far as I'm concerned there is no such thing as an ugly baby.

If someone posts a photo of you or your child without consent, you can contact Facebook to have it removed, although I'm not sure if you need an account first to contact them. I agree that the site is not for children, given how many strangers they may fall victim to, and inappropriate photos (somehow these violate FB's TOS, yet they still end up on the site because they are not screened). <br />
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I post photos of my girl because I set my privacy levels to "friend's only", and I only add people I know in real life. My husband uploaded a photo of her when she was a newborn, sitting in her carseat and told me that someone whom he didn't even know had used the photo in a poll titled "do you think this baby is ugly?" His settings where also set to friend's only, yet Facebook's privacy is so bad, that when one of your friends comments on something (wall, photos, status), it shows up in THEIR timeline, meaning any one of their friends can see it. What the hell??? Suffice to say, I was pissed when I heard about this (I never saw it because he actually had to delete the photo to remove the poll), removed all photos and deleted my account. <br />
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Sadly, he made me re-activate because "if I have a Facebook account, you have one too." Ugh.

Okay, but facebook isn't really the issue, people are. Facebook is merely a social network and can be a very useful tool for many people. It is the ignorance of the users that is scary!!

Maybe for you but I reserve the right to state my opinion, For myself and my children it is not a site that I want in my home, that may change as the children grow up. Until then I will continue to say I hate facebook.

Facebook: enabling the behavior of pedophiles and stalkers since '06