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I have never been on face book but I found out a friend who is no longer a friend set me up one do I delete it or just let it be I am not sure if anything on there is even true but don't really care to find out what would you do
calvinunmaker calvinunmaker 31-35, M 5 Responses Nov 18, 2011

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sometimes facebook sucks. but im on there to kill some time.

Facebook is social networking. It's people you know and a differnet venue to keep in touch with them. As a platform it's kind of annoying, but as for whether or not things on it are true, it depends on how much you trust your friends. If your friends rae all lying *****, then facebook will likely be full of lying *****.

what does this have to do with me ?

i would delete it since it wasnt made by you. its supposed to personal i think.... not sure, cause i dont do the facebook thing. i agree about it being like high school all over again.

If she has control of it then at least change your password.

does it have a password ??

wow, you reminded me that my older brother still has a facebook set up for me for a while and I still havn't even touched it lol. <br />
I can't really be bothered to use it because it would be like HS all over again.. I guess if I cared more I would actually go and delete it but people should notice that you don't use it, so... mehhh. lol