I struggle with an eating disorder and depression, so Facebook was absolutely the worst place to be spending time. Every time I'd log in, I'd end up comparing myself with who looked thinner, who had more 'friends,' which statuses got 'liked' the most, and so on. I just ended up feeling crummy about myself. I've since deactivated the account and feel a whole lot better. People are really surprised when they find out I'm not on Facebook, but I figure that this way, I find out who my true friends are.
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2 Responses Dec 14, 2011

I am also an ocasional face booker but you are right its so depressing. I hate it when i see how well my friends are doing. Its so true face book is depressing sometimes.

i am only on f.b. to occasionally chat to my son when he travels, but I got horribly depressed by the whole thing, and don't bother with it. If i made a status comment, most of the time no one would respond and i would feel like a right dork. Also people would use it as a form of bullying, making snide remarks etc.. it has no worth, except to keep in touch with people when they travel.<br />
I can get a bit lonely at times, and this stupid site often made me feel worse! I so totally agree with you!