So What's the Big Deal?

I don't get how it works, nor why I am apparently supposed to have one.

Whenever I ask some one what the point of it is- what purpose does it serve- WHAT DO YOU DO with it, I always get a dumb-a.s.s response like "you can talk to people" or something.

Well, I have email- you can contact me through that. I also have chat. Uhh, and I have, you know, A REAL LIVE FACE you can talk to in person, too!!!! So what the hell is facebook for anyway? What good would it do me? Hey, just 'cause "everyone else does it" doesn't mean I will.

And 20 years from now, when people look back at this decade and say, "Everyone had this dumb thing called a 'facebook' " I will be able to say-- NOT I!!!

Bwwaaahhhahahahahahaaa!!!! I boycott you!!!!

realitychallenged realitychallenged
18-21, F
6 Responses Apr 12, 2008

I always thought EP and Facebook were similar...of course, I have no idea what the point of Facebook or MySpace is either, so maybe I'm just so ignorant I have no right to stick my nose into this discussion. And I guess Facebook would be less anonymous wouldn't it?

haha, thanks for reminding me of my youth... I sometimes forget! ;)

You're a young one, realitychallenged. As you age you'll find out that you do, indeed, sometimes drift apart from<br />
people you remember fondly. Making contact with some of those old faces can really warm your heart and bring back some GREAT memories.

Yeah, I was kind of making the same point :) Sometimes my point gets buried in my verbal diarrhea ... thanks for clarifying that!

hm. see, if I lost touch with people, it's generally for a reason. besides, why dwell on the past? What's the point of saying "hi" to old faces? Call me utilitarian, but I don't see the use in it.

I'm the opposite of the cabbage dude ... I have a Facebook page and no Myspace ... I think such utilities are good for people who have moved around a lot, (or have friends that have) and have lost touch with people over the years. Facebook hasn't changed my life in any monumental way, but I have said "Hi" to people I haven't seen in years. EP's better though, because it connects random people with common interests / issues / opinions ... like Yahoo (and other) chatrooms used to be before they got so choked with "bots" and spam that you can't even use them anymore.