Not Allowed To Have A Facebook

Well the only reason that I never got one is that I am not allowed to. my mom thinks it is bad or something! I want one anyway!
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It's up to you. You can try to convince your parents... but I personally think it's got it's good sides and bad sides. You see, I'm on the bad side since there's lots of hurt I've got from there. I lost almost all of my online friends because of something I said that I didn't even know was offensive. Sure, it may be fun for a week or two... but you're gonna start getting bored and everything. And it's just no longer alive... it's just filled with people posting love quotes, duckface self-pics, creepy guys who keep on stalking everyone and professing their love for each other. EP is far more better, I think, because you can actually have a more meaningful conversation up there with a lot of people who actually understand you, even though if it's through the net. Well, my recommendation is try it, but don't overdo it. Your parents must've known something that made them do that.

you're not missing out on much. only drama and popularity contests. as long as you have a phone, you're set :)

Ooooh gosh. Sweetheart lemmi tell you something..LISTEN TO HER. I wasn't allowed to have a facebook. I got one anyway. The simplest thing got me into trouble. I took EVERY precaution. I was so careful. Still happened. If you do go through with getting one then just know.. anything can happen. You may think you say something innocent.. but it'll come back to bite you. Memories fad but the Internet is forever.

Why don't you just make one and not tell her? Thats what I did when my parents wouldnt let me have one, but they can't tell me what to do xD

I am thinking about it. If I do can I block my mom and dad so they cant see anything I do? I just dont want to get caught!

Yeah, I'm sure you can block them~(:

You should listen to your mother. There are a lot of weird people out there and you never know what you'll be sucked into.

I know! Thats what she says too!

Well she's right. Facebook, isn't that great any way lol in my opinion. Always full of drama.