Not Entirely True

I do have a "professional" account, as it's pretty much a requirement in my line of work. However, you'll find nothing truly personal there, and I adamantly refuse to create a personal account.

Pretty much all my friends have Facebook accounts, but when they talk about it, it's always related to some kind of drama. The day I hear someone say "Gosh. I had such an uplifting and personally fulfilling experience on Facebook today," I'll consider revising my stance.
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hahahaha facebook is what you make of it, mine is full of fulfilling experiences, I talk to people I care and discover new things every day there

I want to believe... really. But I suspect you may be the exception that proves the rule.

I usually am haha, but really, let's say you have 10 friends and they're great, they will still be great on facebook, it's like an extension of your social life, what people usually do is they add people they have no idea who they are, and then facebook turns out being like... an extension of society haha

Gosh. I had such an uplifting and personally fulfilling experience on Facebook today... I had a little too much rum and managed to insult at least three of my "friends", you should come over to the dark side, the water is tepid :)

I love Facebook and am a bit addicted. Although, I seem to be spending more time on EP lately, lol. I have both a personal and professional account on Facebook, and I'm on it a few times a day chatting with friends, posting statuses, comments and photos, checking in on what friends are doing. Similar to my presence on EP I guess, but much less naughty. ;)

Hear hear!