Never Felt The Need

I had a Facebook account for about 2 months are so, then deleted it.
I didn't delete it because of some drama it created, nor because I felt it signaled the end of society, but because I just never really felt it added anything to my personal life. I'm the kind of person who enjoys my privacy, and I don't enjoy taking photos of myself, sharing trivial information about what I'm doing, or accumulating massive friends lists. I know that Facebook can be used to keep in touch with acquaintances that I would eventually lose contact with, but the way I've always felt about it is that if this is someone who I genuinely enjoy and want to stay in touch with, we will be able to connect without having an account on some silly website. I have a few, close friends who I will always be close with, and I don't want hundreds of acquaintances that I won't remember and won't see again.
Not having a Facebook/Twitter/Literally any other social media website isn't really something to brag about for me, either. It's not like I'm "speaking out against the establishment". I have no problems with technology (I'm kind of a video game nerd, so that ship has sailed). It's just a choice about how I want to connect.
At the same time, silly as it seems, I wish I had an account some time. Rather, I wish I was the sort of person who was into that sort of thing. Everyone I know all congregates on Facebook and is privy to different information than me. It's like some sort of secret club that I don't have access to, because I'm just that lame awkward kid that's gonna sit in the corner counting Pokemon cards. I wish I was the sort of person who liked to go and dress up and go out to parties and take photos of myself (duck face, no doubt) and post them online, but I'm not. But it's okay, cause I've got my own things I like to do and I wouldn't really be me if I liked that other stuff.
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Feb 2, 2013