Call Me Old Fashioned...

But honestly guys, I prefer to communicate with someone face to face.  Back in the day when I was an heavy gamer (hellz yea dewdz)  I had about 50 different people who I had as friends.  And after I quit I thought about it and I was like - I don't know who these people are, where they live, what they do...for all I know I could be talking to a drug lord or some child molester lol.  And so I decided if I was going to have friends I might as well have friends I can physically see and go places with and have fun with.  It's so hard these days to find people you can depend on and honestly trust that I've gotta say I just prefer to see you face to face.  

Besides staring at a computer screen all day is bad for your eyes :D  It's kind of funny too - I tell people I don't have facebook or twitter or w/e those things are called and they look at me like i'm some alien.  When I tell people I have NEVER, let me repeat that...NEVER sent a text message in my life, they honestly stop.  They just stop, and stare at me like "what's wrong with you?"

This is the generation that's going to invent new cures and advance us into a new age of technology?  How can they when they've all got their noses stuck in a screen all day?

I'm sure know someones friend called like "Chef Boyardi"  or "Baby Burrito" (these are real names) is really cool online, but what about the guy next door who could be a perfectly cool guy?  You'll be missing out because you're talking to your  friend "Toby"who lives in like Alaska or Romania or some random country lol.

Just seems like a waste to me mates - and honestly not worth the time.  All the time spent there could be spent resting your eyes or doing something worthwhile.

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i don't know who you are to judge ... some people have personal issues or conditions that prevent them from having normal social lives...and you can balance both i spend 4/7 days a week on the computer other 3 only with my friends i may spend upwards of 8hours a day on the computer but i enjoy it and it is a escape from my life or rather situation ...

lol :)

...<br />
bad antar. poor guy. :( <br />

lol ja some kid at school asked me if I had one :D I was like NO LEAVE ME ALONE!! I think I frightened the poor guy :D:D hahaha

"when you don't have a facebook, you don't exist" :D <br />
but you know, at least you can share pics and so on :) <br />
and btw antar, at least 10 people asked me if you have facebook... lol :)

Because it's the new fad, and if you don't have it you're a loser haha. At least according to them :) But I hate following the crowd, I do my own thing :)

yeah same here i don't have a facebook. it good to hear other people's reason too. anyway if u don't want a facebook so be it. why does everybody else care?

lol, I know where your ticklish so I'd be able to defend myself :P

oh, I'm glad I was right, because if you were telling me otherwise, you'd be in BIG trouble, mister

Yea, but I'm not on here half as much as some people are on facebook :P Got a friend that's like alllll she does every day. Hah, it's sort of ridiculous, I know it has games and such, but you can only do so much...<br />
<br />
But you're right nicerain, I DO have a girlfriend in Slovakia :) And that's one of the few reasons I'm glad for websites like this :)

yea, but still you have girlfriend in Slovakia ;)