I'm not a big fan of guns.  I don't like violence and I hate that I'm around it.  I believe that guns can give some people a false of power, and that too many people abuse the use of guns.  I've never owned a gun and I never will.     

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A gun does not equal a tool to commit violence with. Sure, some do, and some are even designed for that purpose, but not all. <br />
A lot of people who are anti-gun forget about target shooting. Those rifles are not built to kill, they are built to knock a hole in a target with the best possible accuracy.

flourlady111, I hope you have at least taken your gun to the fireing range and familiarize with the weapon. Please get the training you need to be able to use your weapon without making a dangerous situation worse for yourself and everyone around you.<br />
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ichooselife, you go berserk and attack fast and furious, screaming and kicking. Aim for the mid section and avoid his grabbing your arms. Stab him a hundred times until he runs away or is dead. With weapons I teach attack not just defense.

oh and how do you use a bic pen...is it stabbing someone in the eye?

I took the self-defense classes. They kept me in great shape and it was totally fun. I don't think I considered the importance of them (I was young and freshly on my own in an apartment). I took this course on the advice of some friends and family members after finding myself in a compromising position.<br />
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I have the licensing for CCW but have yet to purchase one. I think I might be a bit afraid.<br />
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Thanks for the story.

i am not a big fan either. but have one for protection.

I used to have a business that handled peoples self-defense needs on all levels. I taught a class that gave people insight on what to do to avoid being a victim. Get an apartment on the 2nd floor or higher up to the sixth floor ETC...<br />
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Unarmed self-defense taught by a black belt.<br />
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I specialized in weapons attack (no longer self-defense- my motto was “ If you find yourself in a fair fight , your tactics suck”) <br />
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I used everything from Bic pens to shotguns. <br />
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You might like pre self-defense strategy. The point is that you are wise to know that guns are not for you.<br />
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I did my best to discourage any one from taking my weapons attack class if there was any small doubt that they might not be willing and able to use the weapon to their maximum advantage…DD