My Savior

I am nothing.when i think of our Lord i feel like there are a lot of things that put a high wall around me so i can not approach Him.i'm trying to live differently but sin is in my nature.many times my fears and shame stop me from coming to Him humbly.i think i'm too dirty for Him.He can't even touch me with His hand.i know in my heart that i'm forgiven of the past sins that i confess.but then again i think about my fears that became a part of me and i can't win over them.i'm getting desperate and lonely thinking i can not come to Him till i do what i fear most doing.

and then the realization comes.i can't do it.but He can.i put it all in His hands and i feel like i am really nothing.nothing without Him.but i am everything with Him.i am one with Him when i trust Him and give Him all my worries.when i say that the Lord is stronger than anything.He knows me.He knows my heart.and when i come to Him knowing how unperfect i am i say Lord i can't do it alone.He lets my heart feel that He is above all.and above all my troubles and fears too.i am a part of Him and He is the One.the One i should put my hope into.the One i should concentrate on and not my problems.the One i should put my eyes on.the One i should follow whatever the enemy whispers me.the One i should let to heal me.the One i should believe and trust.the One i should praise.

because when i give it all to Him then i feel that i am in Him and He is all that matters.i am nothing but He is everything He is above all.and there's no greater happiness to know that.and to be a little part of His greatness.

because He is great

my Savior 

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This is good. Thanks. I pray that you will grow daily in grace and the nkowledge of Him and that your confidence would be in His mercy. He is faithful to us......even when we slip or fall.

My friend, you are not nothing. You are a child of God. You are His. And while none of us deserve to be, thanks to the grace, love, and mercy poured out at Calvary, we can go through this life knowing we are destined for a better place. When you turn it all over to God and let Him have total control of your life, you can face anything that comes your way. He will never leave you or give you more than you can handle, and your life will become a testimony of His grace and love for others to see.

I keep forgetting where you are. In the US, we have a radio announcer, Paul Harvey, that tells the news, but goes deeper into the news with stories that usually have good endings. And he always ended his stories with "and now you know the rest of the story." I used to listen to him all the time at noon.

:] what story?

Congratulations! And now you know the rest of the story.