Probably Only Two

There are probably only two people who get me and they don't know everything. One of them doesn't approve of most of what I do so it takes me a while to tell her stuff. She judges but has pretty much decided that I'm a lost cause so she doesn't say anything. The other person is a great listener he doesn't judge just listens and takes things as I want to tell them. He knows when I want to tell him something but almost can't bring myself to do it so he keeps talking about it till I tell him. He is a good friend. But that is about it.

Newday512 Newday512
18-21, F
1 Response Apr 26, 2008

So far i only know one person who might "get me"..might not..but maybe. So try me..what's your story? it's a hell of a long shot, but if you don't try then there's no point in hoping for someone..i've been through a lot, heard a lot, i know a try me. I won't turn you down or reject a single word you say. Just say what you want to say.<br />
<br />
All i ask is that you give it a shot.<br />
I hope to hear from you soon.<br />