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Know one at my school is like me. Except my friend who completly understands me and i love you for that but at school litteraly in every way im different. clothes, music, personality. Sometimes i wish i could be different Or like everyone else and be understood. I know and people always tell me being different is good but sometimes or most of the time i wish i could be like everyone else. join the heard i guess instead of being the black sheep out...

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3 Responses Sep 21, 2008

The best people I've ever met are different, not only from the herd [thats a great word for them], but different from me too, just like you are so different from me yet I know being that different doesn't stop me loving you.

wow amazing and inspirational thoughts everyone

I know how you feel. I'm in college now, and for the past 5 or so years I've been spending all of my time trying to fit in with everybody else. So, I've decided to do the simple thing - give up. I'm me, you can't change me, my thoughts may be different and I think more but they're not harming anybody else so why should I care?<br />
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Just concentrate on finding out who you are, and be happy - you're unique!!!