No Seriously, I'd Rather Not Have More Stuff.

I felt like the girlfriend in the movie Bruce Almighty... wanting love and babies and a happy home-life, but having him more concerned/interested in success and the accumulation of more STUFF.

Seriously? We weren't making the bills, so I got a job & cut corners where I could. The response? MORE STUFF and an ORDER to quit work because he had "decided" and wanted to prove himself as the provider. Nevermind he could provide a lot better if he wasn't buying a ton of JUNK all the time!

We lived in this city for 3 years and got by just fine (better, I think) without a money-sucking gas-guzzling junker-car. But having a car was an important status-symbol. We ate well buying food from the local farmers' market and making home-cooked meals without having to "scale-up" by shopping at the (more expensive, but popular) local grocery chain and eating out twice a week. But being seen eating out and buying at the popular chains was apparently an important social image to project for my husband. We lived well spending time with the neighbors and sitting on porches chatting and watching our children play together. But paying to join clubs that focused on "bettering ourselves" and making sure we were at all the events where we could "rub elbows" with the "important" people in society (doctors, lawyers, politicians) seems to be important for my husband in some amorphous professional sense (he's a teacher though!) so we do that instead and leave our neighbor-friends wondering why we're not around anymore. One household computer was enough for all our entertainment and communication needs. But my husband thought it important to have a laptop each for work and personal projects besides the "family computer" (for communication and entertainment) as well as another computer or two for tinkering and spare parts. Decorating with homemade frames around family pictures, old calendar pages (one made of prints of major works of art), and my 2 year old son's drawings worked fine. But buying a big expensive mirror for the living room and a few -actual- canvas paintings sent a certain status-message to the guests (few as they were) in the house, so my husband bought those things and brought them home.

These are just a few examples. I feel like I'm screaming inside for a simple life and being forced to live this complicated life of excess and materialism! I really just can't take it anymore.

ViolaPercy ViolaPercy
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1 Response Feb 18, 2010

Yes, it is. There are obviously quite a few other issues going on here as well, but I'm definitely ready for a "downgrade" - gimme a shack somewhere quiet. I don't even care if it has running water so long as we can get water from a well or a creek or something. Electricity would be good (since I'm addicted to the internet!) but otherwise, I don't need much. A sofa-bed (or maybe even just a hammock), a table & chairs, and a wood-stove for cooking and heating the place... sounds about right for me. Maybe some shelves to store clothes, food, & books... but that's about it. Rather have family and relationships than STUFF any day.