Long-term Friends

I have seven persons that I consider my best friends and then an additional fifteen that I consider close enough to call "family". Some of them I have brought here to EP with me. None of these persons have been part of my life for less than five years and three have actually been part of my life for over three decades. I do not take friendships lightly and therefore I tend to hold on to those that I do take into my personal life.
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It's nice to see someone here on EP that has made real friends here. I tend to come and go here at EP, not really expecting much out my time here.
If you see by my pic's/ groups iv'e joined you see why. I guess it 's a release or escape for me from the day. ("release" would be more mental..a..... not so much physical) I do post that Im horney but reading the stories everyone post is interesting no matter what the content. People from around this Country with some kind of "release"
Take Care Girl!

I really like your stories ! I feel the same way about friendships. I have never understood why SOOOO many people say they have all these friends, when it is all so superficial ! In the past, I have had so called "friends", when they were never real friends at all ! I have a couple friends now, and that is just fine with me. I also do not get along with most women, as I find them impossible to relate to ! I am just not a girly girl. I like to wear makeup and be sexy, etc....., but the way most women act is foreign to me ! Really catty, fake,and I just am not that way. And they really can be ruthless and competitive. It is just so STUPID !! I have always gotten along better with guys, but that can lead to problems, you know? Anyway, I am just blathering on !! I hope you will add me as a friend on here ! :)