Neither Parent Is In My Life.

It's very sad, but true. I haven't talked to my father in 14 years and my mother and I had a rocky relationship until it was severed 2 years ago.

They are both long stories, but it boils down to their divorce 21 years ago. After they divorced (I was 14), they both focused on their new lives. My younger brother and I were left to fend for ourselves for the most part.

My father "tricked" me into leaving with him with promises of a cool condo, a car when I turned 16, etc. My mom was furious and to this day holds a grudge against me - a 14 year old who wanted out of a very painful house where he didn't feel wanted or loved.

Of course, the moment my dad and I left the house, he dropped me off at his girlfriends house (one block over from my mom's, mind you) and told me that I'd be living there with her and her kids while he stayed with a friend of his. Yeah, it was just wonderful.

I bounced back and forth between parent's houses after that. My mom now had a live-in boyfriend and she realized that I was expendable since I would eventually leave and she'd be alone if she didn't protect her relationship with her boyfriend.

After an argument, my mom kicked me out (it was really not a big deal we were arguing over) of her house. My dad wouldn't let me live with him, so at age 15, I would go to friend's houses after school until they went to bed. I then said that I was going home and would hang out at a local mini mart where a few older friends worked until 2am when the store closed.

I would then go to a park and read under the dim lights over the picnic area. At 4:30am, my dad - freshly showered and dressed in a suit, holding a cup of hot coffee - would honk his horn (he knew full well that I was homeless) and I'd get in his car. He'd take me to his office where I'd get maybe 2 hours of sleep and then I'd have to take 3-4 buses to get to school in the morning.

That went on for almost two weeks before a friend found out what was going on and let me stay with him.

So, that's just the mere beginning of my experience with my parents. If you want to hear the rest, just ask.
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Hi there,
It must have been painful and probably u must had moments when many things have ventured into u're mind....and many times asked u're self "why its happening to me"?

Lets be positive.....I am sure,after what happened to you,you never wish any child to go's making you understand what a child expect from a parents and this want would make you superb father!

I really don't understand why people becomes so insensitive towards child....but this question should not be bothering you now....or at least should overcome of it..because...there are certain things beyond our thinking and control...if we try to analyse ..we forget to enjoy the beautiful aspects of life......Life is short and lets forgive and forget and lets live...forgive your parents...because by doing so....u are being a better individual than them....and when you do this u feel proud and a good feeling arises within you..and you are free from the baggage....!

Then is the new beginning of better human:)

(((((Singer69)))) i can't imagine how painful that was and still is, i am divorced and i have 2 boys and they will ALWAYS come before ANY man. The guy i'm dating now KNOWS it, and i will NOT consider dating ANYONE who doesn't understand that for now and for years to come, my kids are priority #1, if they can't handle that, there's the door!! Divorce is hard enough on kids as it is, yet alone if they start to feel 2nd to some new stranger in their lifes. They NEVER asked to be born, and they sure as H E L L never wanted their parents to divorce, under the BEST circumstances, they (children in general) find a way to blame themselves for their parent's divorce. Luckily our sons (i have them 60% of the time) know that in BOTH of their parent's eyes they come FIRST. Yes my life must go on, but my FIRST and most IMPORTANT priority are my boys. They are a complete BLESSING in my life and NO man will ever make me, or THEM feel like they are NOT!! It pains me to hear your story and I am SO SORRY that, that happened to you. It really hurts me to think of any child having to go through what you did!! Word can not express how SAD your story makes me feel!!

That must have been incredibly tough at that age to be on your own. I have an older brother with a very similar past like yours. My parents also divorced and remarried other people. My dad moved out of state and my mom married a very very abusive man who was an alcoholic. He threw my brother out of the house when he was just 15 yrs old. My mother did nothing to stop it. She has since divorced him and is now married to another man who doesn't like her kids or family. My mom always put her men first before us so I know how that feels and its a real slap in the face. I am so sorry you went through all that. My brother is ok now but has a lot of emotional scars that will never go away. He is 41 yrs old now and it still pains him to remember everything he went through.