Not Us

My family was never the sit down and discuss our feelings and bond. Lol we'd be real about the situation. If something was wrong, we'd speak on it. Don't get me wrong we loved each other-but we were still very disfunctional. lol and i'd give the world to go back to the WORST day just to be around them.

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My family were never the type to all sit around and discuss things either. Unfortunately we were not the type to communicate at all. I havnt spoken to either of my sisters since the day after we cremated my mother almost 13 years ago. All because she didnt make a will.I was made to look the baddie as believed me when I said she had told me how she wanted things done. I think that was the day I actually knew for sure that I did'nt love my husband. Because he did'nt stand up for me to my 2 sisters even though he knew I was telling the truth, when I walked out of my sisters house and he stayed behind that was the finish, Im still with him 13 years later but yet again I've never said anything to him. The worst thing is I dont actually know where my parents ashes are buried. My sisters being the rich ones who paid for it all, arranged it all. Of course if I really wanted to I could find out. But then who would take me, I have asked my husband several times and each time he has promised he would take me but he never does. I miss my middle sister, we used to have some good times together. I do have one person who is always very touchy feely towards me. That is my yougest granddaughter. Sometimes I meet her from school and we just stand in the playground with our arms around each other and let the world go by. She never leaves me without a kiss and never ends a phone call without I love you. So mabe I am blessed after all.

Don't feel to bad its better than having a father who is loud and screams about most anything.