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I dont have a Valentine this year..it is just me.  My little girls said they will be my Valentine, which makes me smile, but sometimes I wish I had a "real" valentine..a grown up one..and not for any gifts, just for a simple I love you and a romantic night.  It would be nice..maybe next year..lol. 

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I hate valentine
It's just a day that I like to be drunk and forget everything

heck hon, I only wish I was single and could enjoy my V day as it so! as it is I AM married- but guess what? still NO Valentine day surprise!<br />
<br />
-hugs to you, enjoy your little girls((:

Thank you so much..I feel like I can see the petals. You are so wonderful..as usual. Loves! &hearts;muah&hearts; Your Angel

I would be honored to be your Valentine Bella..as always you have my back. Love you!!

I am there with you..unicorn, sometimes it is the small things that we have to learn to sit back and enjoy throughout life...the small, subtle moments from our children are the most important and the one's we will cherish our whole lives. "I love you" means so much more and lasts so much longer than a flower or anything material that can go away..because it stays in our memories and hearts forever.

I am married, but my husband does not get into the whole Valentines day thing. So I am my own valentine. I do nice things for myself. Tomorrow I am going to go get a massage and a facial, then I am going to make a nice dinner and have a glass of wine and a bubble bath with candles. It is always nice to have someone else pay special attention to you, but sometimes it is a definate treat to pay special attention to yourself.

Of course we wouldnt mind..you have the first invitation! I will definately start a group..please join. <br />
Loves, me

Awww...ladee that is just perfect! You are a wonderful friend! Sleepless..that is not a bad idea..lets see if we can really make that happen :P

You are not alone... lets make a party on EP for singles on the V-day :))

True..it does..I think that is what keeps me positive, but sometimes I miss that intimacy and attention..just a little :P