No One Loves Me

Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever had one. Even when I had been dating someone I don't remember ever making plans to do anything or getting any gifts or cards. I guess, that shows the quality of my relationships. How sad.
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This isn't really mine per say, but my sister is a lovely girl. She has never had a Valentine. But this year she got a stuffed otter from a guy she fancies. She tells me that they talk alot and everything. Well, it comes down to this. He got her the present 1) because he felt bad for her and 2) because he wanted to sleep with her. I have never seen her cry so hard when she realized that yet another guy was manipulating her into bed.

oh valentines is so hard

PS. Thank goodness for virtual friends!<br />

I've only ever had 2 rubbishy cartoon style cards,years ago one from 1st bf and 1 from 1st hubby. Both had a jokey *put down* type message you and me both on the quality of relationships!!!! Its not us Dar its THEM! We need to choose more wisely.........

When I recall my last Valentine, he had to have been the biggest pain in the a** I've ever known. Yes it was nice to see the flowers arrive.It was suppose to be fun having that special date. Then he'd start a fight and it was spoiled. He spoiled every holiday too. Why? Who can say why people actually do that. I'd rather be alone then bewildered and sad. Yes, having a great guy would be lovely. I do miss feeling wanted sometimes.

Not sad but simple bad judgement ...... So stop looking down ...start looking up : O )