Before You Add Me As A Fan, (friend).......

Hi... If you want to add me as a friend, please take the time to look over my experiences I like... If you do, you will realize a few things about me and realize if we will be a good match for a friend or not...

For one thing... I always prided myself on not getting involved sexually with a married man or my gf's man. I just don't do that to a friend. Especially now since I'm going through a divorce. A nasty one at that... My soon to be X was and still is having an affair with my so-called friend. That, essentially ripped my heart out. I let this woman in my house to help her. I never said .. hey help yourself to my husband. Oh trust me, my husband is even more guilty. Since his first marriage, his wife cheated on him and he knows the pain.... He could have said no.. or said to me, hey.. there is something missing in our marriage. Even though he acted happy and planned our life out non-stop. What I found out is that he is into kinky sex... 3'somes, gang-bangs, etc... So.. as I picked myself off the floor in shock.. I told him I don't want that. I never recited in my marriage vows.. I will be the dessert of every Tom, **** and Harry.. oh.. and don't forget Stefanie.. ??!!??? Seriously????? I was living with a stranger. Who knows..??? The years together, he was acting like the family guy who loved me. That was an act.. this is the real man... If you want to call him that..... I call him a coward. For all the things he has done to me since trying to get a divorce from him. I want to be free and he won't let me go.....

So... back to the reason about adding me. Please don't send me pictures of your penis... or breasts, or whatever.... I am not interested in that. No.. I will not have an affair with you. Especially if you are married. Please..... I am not a prude... Far from that. I actually love to make love... Hey, I am a woman who has her needs too.. But I will not bend what I believe in to have a cheap fling with you.

I am here to make friends and I love to read your stories. I will flirt to an extent... I am human.. but not a tease either. So please people.. think twice before you send me a request...

Ok.. I'm off my soap box now... Whew!! After seeing the last pic of a penis... I had enough.

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Thanks for the like, I wait anxiusly for the click to add me as your friend !!

I liked your profile and believe in what you say I LIKE GOOD FRiends and hope we can be nice friends !

I liked your profile and believe in what you say I LIKE GOOD FRiends and hope we can be nice friends !

EWwwww.... lol.. I guess everybody has 'their' turn ons..... Wow... I am far from being a prude but seriously??? lol....

NobodySpecial...<br />
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Thank you!! I appreciate what you had wrote. Sadly, its women too... not just the men. That is why I wrote this. I am hoping it will weed off the people who are looking for that type of connection. I guess I'm a modern woman with a lot of old fashion views just trying to survive.

ba<x>sementsong<br />
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Very well said. You can't have a relationship if there is no communication. My soon to be X and I were always talking... but unfortunately for him, it was all lies. Have a great day... :)

To 'samestoryasme', I do know what you're saying. The last part of my marriage was that way. I just didn't know why until later. She was getting her needs met elsewhere, I didn't have that option.<br />
But assuming that is not the case with you, you know, we make choices for our own life, and we decide how we want to live. no one has to be a victim.<br />
I'll make no claim on being an expert at relationships, but I do know, the most successful ones I've seen, are one that have open communication. Which means you can talk about anything with fear of retribution. No threats of divorce or leaving etc. Just honest open communication. If you don't have that, you don't really have a relationship. <br />
Sit down and discuss it too. We all expect our partners to somehow 'know' what our needs are, and they're not mind-readers. But if there's a legitimate reason that the fire has gone out, then try working towards rekindling that. If necessary, shop for a good counselor that you're both comfortable with. I she's not in agreement with this, well, she's not interested, and now it's time for you to re-assess what it is and what you're willing to live with. But be advised, if you choose to stay, this is whay you sign up for and have no complaint.<br />
I wish you the best man. Hang in there!

Naturegirl,<br />
For myself, context is everything. There is a time and a place and a season for everything under the sun... (Think I read that somewhere)<br />
Have had a very similar experience resulting in a divorce, less the *********.<br />
She was satisfied with a 'someoneelsome', and that's one too many. I was pretty bitter about it for a long time, but the truth be known, I was very hurt and when you turn that into anger, it doesn't seem to hurt so much. The 'down' side to that is that it took me longer to deal with it than it should have. And by that I mean to come to a point of acceptance with it. Even noe I have an occasional 'slip' and let it eat my lunch, but I don't stay with it very long. Life is too short.<br />
My moniker comes from those days. I spent an inordinate amount of time in my basement writing music. (Pain was the impetus of inspiration for me) <br />
But that was my way of dealing with it. Didn't solve anything, but got me to a place where I could move on from there.<br />
I tried dating, once I felt that I was done, for a couple of years, and it's hard to explain, but nothing felt very 'real' to me. Likely it was just my outlook on life, Love and values, but regardless, there wasn't a lot of joy there.<br />
So I packed up and moved to a cabin in the woods, which was a lifetime dream for me anyway. So far, no major regrets, at least not so much as to make me move back. I understand nature much more than I do relationships, evidently.<br />
Well obviously if you reject unsolicited naked pics then you get unsolicited life stories like this. ;-)<br />
Sometimes when I get on a roll, I just go with whatever spews forth.<br />
I have friends who have suggested that I start a 12 step group called, "On & on anon"!<br />
Anyway, writing was an effective tool for me, dealing with the crap, hope it works for you. Certainly can't hurt.<br />
<br />
BS (somethin' just doesn't feel right about the monogram)

Basementsong,<br />
<br />
You are right, I am a sexual human being. I am just fed up of receiving body parts when I am not requesting them. I am far from being a prude. I am on EP to make new friends, read stories and maybe even write a little. <br />
<br />
True, I have stated that I will not have affairs with married men. I am going through a nasty divorce and why would I inflict pain to another woman when I just went through the same thing? 2 wrongs do not make a right. <br />
<br />
Granted, joining EP, has open me up to the possibilities of receiving penis pics, or pics from women.... Recently, the fan requests have been pouring in with ***** pics??? Not sure why? All they have to do is check my profile and realize I don't have a goal to have a 3'some, gang bang, etc.... I am divorcing my husband because its suddenly what he wants... <br />
<br />
So does that help you understand where I am coming from? I have a lot to offer as a friend... Also, I will not be chased off of EP. I frankly enjoy it and its helped me heal from my nightmare of a divorce.<br />
<br />
Naturegirl27 :)

Hmmmm, let's see now... no pics of my penis, you won't have an affair or fling...<br />
Well, what's left?<br />
Oh wait, I get it... you mean just have conversations about the other two million subjects there might be to discuss. Hmmm... interesting concept.<br />
<br />
I'll bet you're one of those people who say, "Sure, I'm a sexual human being, but that's not ALL I am. I'm multi-faceted and have many interests."<br />
<br />
All jokes aside... just the fact that you need to set those boundaries is a statement of itself. Kind of a shame.<br />
<br />
I'm a writer, and pretty much run the gambit as far as subject matter is concerned, and, sex is a part of that, but my God, there is so much more to life in addition and I think if it gets run into the ground, kinda takes something away.<br />
<br />
Don't let the weird stuff chase you away Naturegirl, it's just the world, and's all relative... I guess.<br />
<br />
I only send penis pics by request, and am out of them for the time being, sorry!<br />
I have to laugh at that because I get this picture in my head of seeing the reaction of someone, including myself, who just opened up their mail and not exactly expecting 'that' to pop up, (No pun inten... well wait, it is kinda funny, ok, credit me for one)