But Noisy Prince-my bunny came on my bed and woke me up!

at first i didn notice n i felt i threw something down=/ and then i see again with one open-still sleepy Noisy Prince in front of me heh...

I dont have an alarm clock but he woke me up heh heh...

oops sorry for throwing him down..i really didn notice =/ heh..

the other time i found my shoe on the bed and he was on the desk near!again woke me up....'alarm bunny'

amysangels amysangels
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H Amysangels<br />
haha alarm bunny! Noisy Prince sleeps like a shoe too.<br />

i didn know heh..i was sleepy =/

You threw him down?? Ha.. scary Amy, LOL

u r right ,listenup:)

nice alarm amy ... very soft :)


I love *alarm Bunny* what a great way to start the day


sorry aly..<br />
yes reece :) kung fu bunny!heh

Thats the bunny who knows karate right?

heh i found him drinkin tea heh..i cant stop him from searchin food all time

my bunny always wants me to run after him