I Don't Have Any Friends And I Don't Want To Have Friends, Why?

I don't know, it's just feel so different.  It seems like yesterday I am yearning for best friend but now I don't care much about befriending anyone.  I have some problems in trusting anybody.  I don't even know how to trust myself.  I remember one time my teacher asked me if I have any friends, I have to lie at him saying that I do have friends.  It feels odd when saying that I have friends.  Yes, I joined a Christian religious group and the people there treating me very good.  We have done many activities together and they might consider me as their friends.  But, the problem is I myself can't consider them as friends.  I don't even how to classify this relationship- not acquaintance yet they are not my friends.  It's hard coz every time when I feel like to tell a story, I don't have anybody to share with.  I really wish I could find someone who I can share my feelings, interest and story with.  But something inside me stops me from doing this.  Do any of you feel the same? 
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2 Responses Dec 25, 2010

No, I won't be going to college. I don't think it will change coz college students are quite lawless and they can do whatever they want. I think they are worse than high school students.

i have been like that all my life. sometimes I don't think it's worth having friends because when it comes down to it , it's alot of lip service.