"friend" Is A Painful Word Now.

"Friend" is a hard word to hear now, I have no friends (well duh, look at this group) and I discovered that all of the friends I had in the past where just there for ulterior motives.
I'm a female who made friends whom where dudes because I click with them, unlike girls. The ladies and I.. Actually clash for the most part. :(

I later found that I was transgendered.. A guy in a girl's body. I never told anyone that time, so I guess the guys just assumed that I would date them at any one of these days.
I should have seen that coming. Now that I'm with someone, they've all dropped out of my life like flies and I can finally see who my real friends are.

They're no where to be found, because they don't exist.
Silly of me to think that I had real pals that cared.
Soarre Soarre 18-21, T 4 Responses Jan 10, 2011

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Hang in there. Look for some trans groups on here and gather support. If you plan to go to college, many have a great glbt activity group. I took many classes on gender and had it as a minor. If you need someone to talk to you can pm me anytime.

freindship can come when you least expect it and very often does.

when i first found this sight i didn't have a friend in the world and the bottem had just fell away from my life as i lost my dear wife,so it was out of desperaition i asked for friends on here, belive me or not i now chat to many people on here and they are genuin people who i know i can turn to with a problem and get posetive suport and help from there hearts.

i now have a cercle of good friends and i trust them as well so it's all good.

please dont give up and just chat to one or two people and befor you know you will have some friends with things in comen with you.

god bless you and here is a vertual hug for you from a friend

Thank you, that made this a little more bearable. :)

Thanks so much.

don't give up on people you'll find real friends that will care. It took a lot of guts to share here, you go Dude? lol its a hard road you must travel, but its wroth it.