Friends ? What's That ?

I'm 20 yrs old I will be 21 soon. I sometimes cannot believe that I do not have any true friends. I spend most of my time on the Computer playing games or trying to socialize on Facebook. But I have had no luck till now. I changed my city last year and I made some good friends there. We used to enjoy our time but I came back to my original city after a year and none of them even contacted me. Some of them rarely talk to me now. I feel so lonely sometimes, I have so many experiences to share with them but nobody just seems to bother. I even have communication problems with my parents so I cannot openly talk to them as well. I think in all these years the computer has been my only friend. At least he never complained.
I just hope that it might change someday.I'm just sick and tired of watching other people hanging out with their friends while I just hope that I could have one. I'm even worse with girls, so much so that I just do anything to avoid a conversation with them. I just feel I might say something weird and blow my chance of having a female - friend. If this just goes on, one day will come when I say - "Friends ? What's That ?"
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Turn off the computer, put your phone on Airplane mode and go meet people face to face. This is how you get better at having conversations, and start looking people in the eye when you talk, it'll make all the difference in the world

I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sort of in the same boat. I have a lot of acquaintances, but only one or two people that I actually consider good friends. However, one of them has a girlfriend so he spends all his time with her and can't really see me because she would get mad. The other person that I consider my friend lives an hour and a half away. It does suck..watching others with their friends laughing and smiling. I went to the theater alone..which felt very pathetic to me at first. But not having close friends is not going to stop me from living

You are not alone in your loneliness my friend. How are things nowadays as opposed to when you wrote the story a year or so ago?

Not much of a difference I guess. But Doin' Alright

I think the problem that causes most men to "mess up" when interacting with women is the fear that they will "mess up". This is entirely illogical. It's not like you have anything to gain by avoiding them entirely. If you stop viewing women as these creatures that will be offended by the slightest mistake or comment you make, and just as people who are interested in people who are different from them, then you'll have a better chance of meeting someone who will be genuinely interested in you and all your strengths and flaws. Of course you'll meet the occasional muggle who'll shun you for talking about socks instead of "Jersey Shore" but they probably didn't have much to offer you either.

Fair Enough.

yes,,,he's right...practice makes perfect...try practice in front of a mirror and talk to yourself as if you were talking to other person...make your own convey in front of mirror??hehe...<br />
=hugs to you=

Someone of my age? With the same issues as me? <br />
<br />
I think you need to stop worrying about 'screwing up'. You will screw up, but you'll learn from it. Some day, someone will try and talk to you, even if they find you weird at first. Try and go out. Do stuff you like. You'll meet people who like the same things as you. Try and talk to them, screw up a conversation and laugh about it later. Practice makes perfect they say, and you better believe it.

I am a true friend definetly will be there for anyone btw this line cracked me up I think in all these years the computer has been my only friend. At least he never complained.